Audit firm OLGA AUDIT

About the company

Audit company AF OLGA Audit is part of group of companies that render to Clients professional audit, consulting and accounting services during more than 20 years, since foundation in 1997 year. In September of 2009 year our company entered global network of audit firms EuraAudit International, with main office in Switzerland.

Confirmation of highest standards of professional qualifications and quality of services that we render to our clients is successful completion of external quality control of audit services by our company held by Audit Chamber of Ukraine in September of 2009 year. Our company has successfully passed repeated quality control of audit services in February of 2014 year and in January of 2020 year, that is also confirmed by decision of Audit Chamber of Ukraine.

Why us?

  • Great work experience
  • Team of professionals
  • Complex approach to servicing of Clients
  • Minimization of risks for Client
  • Internal quality standards
  • Confidentiality
  • Complete range of professional services

Our experience

  • 23 years

  • Great experience in audit, consulting and accounting

  • Clients in different spheres of business


Limited liability company Audit Firm “OLGA Audit” is registered in Register of auditors and audit entities under № 1767 and was included into Section “Audit entities that have right to conduct statutory audit of financial statements” of mentioned Register

We appreciate our clients and try our best to establish long-term cooperation based on trust, professionalism and respect. We are proud that for more than 20 years of work, our company became partner in audit and consulting of many world-famous companies operating in Ukraine. We are pleased to specify them in the context of different fields (types) of activities.

Founders and Partners


Olexiy Gachkivskyi


Experience: 23 years
Certified auditor.
Education: National University of Food Technologies, faculty of economic and management of production.
Deputy head of Audit Chamber of Ukraine from March, 2007 year till March, 2016 year.
Head of Audit Chamber of Ukraine from March, 2016 year till March, 2017 year.



Artur Surmenko


Experience: 20 years
Certified auditor.
Education: Kyiv National Economic University, marketing faculty.

Our principles


Professionalism of our employees, high level of audit culture and knowledge in the sphere of tax, accounting and investment legislation assist Client’s business and contribute to success of Client.


As basis of our replies is professional’s exhaustive advice concerning real financial position of Client and suggestion of various ways for resolution of identified issues. Such information assists Client to take correct and justified management decision.


Our activity is based on strict observance of professional ethic norms and loyalty to partner obligations. Our cooperation with Client is based on mutual confidence and respect supported by confidentiality of received and provided information.


Detailed audit of accounting or tax statements of Client allows to reproduce completely financial position of Client. Our specialists apply comprehensive approach to the issue assisting Client to be aware of all advantages and disadvantages of the situation.